Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Hello Santiago!!! Day 3

Day three!! Today we painted even more! We still had a wall to finish yesterday but we needed more paint. There wasn't that much to do today so while some of the group painted, we took the kids to the park to play. It was so much fun to connect with the kids through sports. 

Lunch today was so fantastic. The host is such a great cook it feels like every meal comes from a 5 star restaurant! She made fried plantains and a Dominican style potato salad that was so delish! 

Today during devotions our team leader led our conversation starting with the verse Jeremiah 29:10. This verse is pretty well known but she really made an emphasis on how God promised that his plans for us are good and that we need to trust him. Our leader explained that on this trip the emphasis wasn't on how much "work" we were going to do but an emphasis on growing to a level of understanding and love for a new culture. Our leader said she is really proud of us for always just going with the flow so far. That being said we are not always needing to know what's going to happen every minute of the day but just being in the moment and being flexible with whatever we do.   

^taking a painting break on the porch of our home! 

Tonight our host family took us to downtown Santiago and brought us to the iconic Santiago monument. It was beautiful and so full of life! We had a great time exploring the sights and learning history about the city. While we were visiting the monument we had some fun by learning some more native dances and games. The host's children and nieces love to teach us new things. I loved learning the dances!! We probably looked so hysterical doing dances atop the monument steps but hey we were having fun. 

Tomorrow we will have breakfast a little earlier around 8:30am and will make our way to the host's church that he preaches at to dig lines for cables...or something. Definitely not up my alley but I know I can use a shovel! 

I hope the weather there isn't too horrible!! It's pretty warm here in the mid to upper 80's and the host family was saying it was chilly tonight. We find it so amusing. 

That's all until tomorrow!! Bye! :) 

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