Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Painting ALL DAY! Day 2

Hellooooo everyone!!! What a great day today was. I was able to fully enjoy everything around me today after I was rested and showered :) 

Going into this trip I really had no expectations because I had no idea what to expect of a mission trip! So far, we have had a pretty go with the flow schedule. 

We had a Dominican breakfast this morning which I couldn't wait for! I have been anxiously awaiting the fresh tropical fruit here. The pineapple. Oh man, I have literally never had a more succulent, juicy and flavorful pineapple in my life. My mouth is watering! We also had ham & cheese sandwiches and a strange looking citrus fruit that everyone was scared to try because of its looks. I recognized it as a fruit I was served in Vietnam but I couldn't remember the name. 

To get to know our surroundings better around our home, the host's sons took us to the park down the street. 

Something that struck me as interesting is the fact that so many people here have such nice cars! I was expecting everyone to be on bikes like in Vietnam. We played basketball for a bit with the two sons, Engr & JJ. They are both in grade school and are challenging us to communicate with them in Spanish :) I can converse un poco (a little) and it's kinda cool when they understand me. I wish I had gone to a Spanish speaking country when I was actually in Spanish class. It would have motivated me better! 

We spent the rest of the day painting our host's house on the outside. The homes here are beautiful & vibrant colors so it was a lot of fun painting with a bright butter yellow and a rich dark maroon. 

All 13 of us were quite a sight painting the house from the passerbys. We had extension rods with rollers on them that probably reached over 8 feet struggling to paint the top of the house. 

For dinner we had authentic tacos and ended our evening with getting to know our host family better by them teaching us to play their games. Let's just say that we were fast learners and there was MUCH laughter during the game as we struggled to catch on. We were all trying to figure out if they were laughing WITH us or AT us hahaha!! It was a great time of bonding between our group & our host family. 

Tomorrow we will finish up the painting in the morning & are going sight seeing in the afternoon!! I can't wait. 

Talk to you tomorrow!