Monday, June 24, 2013

Meeting my Birth Family :D (Bethany's version)

Hi, its Bethany here!!!
Wow!! today was insane! so many crazy, but awesome events happened!! The other day I was not feeling too well, so I sat the day out, and my mom walked into my hotel room and said "would you be interested in meeting your birth mom?" and I JUST woke up, so I was like "yeahh" half asleep!!   
  But thank God I did, because the next day my mom woke me up from my nap, and said 3 simple words, that would change the whole trip..."we found her" I was freaking out!! first shock, the nervousness hit, then I was like "I am so blessed" I can only imagine her sitting at home and receiving a phone call saying your daughter is here, she wants to meet you, get on a bus in a hour! CRAZY right!?!?!?
  So today was the day!! I was informed that she would be coming around dinner time, so in the morning we went to Danang, my home town, to visit a market and get some gifts for my birth mom, then we went out to lunch, and it was around 1 in the afternoon and we were almost at the hotel and my mom comes walking down the aisle and I thought "oh no, what did I do this time" hah and she said "your birth mom is at the hotel" she was at least 5 hours early, so I was not too presentable, and I haven't been able to get all of my thoughts together I just walked into the hotel, and the leader of the group pulled me along and there she was!!!!!!!!!!
  The second she saw me, the tears were flowing! I felt famous, there were flashes of cameras everywhere!!! I wish we could have froze the moment, she cried and cried, and I had the biggest smile on my face.
   All my life I was told I only had a older sister, and this super handsome guy walks in and being me I was like " WHO IS THAT" haha, and my translator was like "he's your brother" and my first reaction was "haha your joking...I HAVE A BROTHER??!!"  yes, I do I guess! I was in shock! and I also found out that my older sister is married and has 2 kids...IM A AUNT!!
  Everybody kept telling me that we looked alike, and we do! Its weird, all my life I have looked at a white mother, now I have a mother that looks just like me!!!!
  We all sat around a table, and I learned a piece of information that broke my heart, my birth moms husband had died right before I was delivered. Its super late, so I will keep you all on the edge, and finish this a bit later!!!


  1. OHMYGOODNESS!!Beth!! So crazy - I have been a few days behind in reading, instead of reading them in my email I clicked to go online and that was the first thing I saw!!! WHAT?! I jumped up and called Uncle Doug and we read it together. WOW WOW WOW Can't wait to hear more. It has been so good "traveling" your home country with you three girls. We love you all and are praying for everyone.

  2. What a wonderful story! You truly are blessed with two selfless, loving mothers. One loved you enough to know you would have a better life if someone adopted you. The other loves you so much that she helped you find your birth mother. I will always remember this, Bethany. I'm so happy for you!