Saturday, June 22, 2013

I touched the breast

Today was a day of traveling. We flew  to Danang and then drove to Hoi An. 
On our way to Hoi An we stopped along the way to a place where they make marble goods. Everything was so beautiful and we had a lot of fun wondering how on earth someone would take Buddhas this big, home with them..
Our new tour guide, Peter told us that rubbing Buddah's belly will give you old luck. 
Then we went to Marble Mountain and toured the many Buddah's in the mountain. The steps and walking were quite treacherous in the cave..
Our tour guide,Peter, showed us many goouck rituals in the cave such as two kind of stalactites that were called if I remember right,the lucky breasts. Yes you read right. And they did kinda look like breasts hanging! Sorry this is getting PG-13...Peter told us that years ago the breasts had milk dripping from them and if you rubbed the milk on a wound it would heal. So he had us all rub the breasts for good luck. Heheh

Bethany unfortunately didn't get to enjoy the sightseeing today because she wasn't feeling well. She skipped breakfast this morning to sleep and then stayed in the bus and slept while we were touring. She felt a little warm bit hopefuly sleeping it off will do her good. 
  After dinner, our tour guide wanted to show us around where we are staying in Hoi An. We were supposed to do it but tomorrow there's supposed to be a typhoon..?!!!
  There's a festival going on in town right now so there's a bunch of lanterns everywhere and it looks like in the movies. Absolutely breath taking... So much color. I tried taking pics but none do justice to the real thing. 
You could also by paper luminaries to drop in the river it reminded me of the scene in Tangeled of the setting the lanterns free!!
Many shops were selling lanterns and the colors just lit up the whole town. 
Talk to you more tomorrow!!!