Saturday, January 21, 2017

How I use social media platforms

As I enter into my last semester as college student, I have the opportunity to take a social media class for my marketing minor! I use social media quite often, and am probably immersed in it way too often. However, in this class we are learning about the use of social media in business.

I'm excited to learn about the differences and similarities in each platform and how to use each of them to benefit a specific strategy a business is trying to achieve. For instance, would a banking company benefit from the use of Snapchat or Pinterest? I'm taking this class because I know that in my future career in marketing/PR, social media will be important. 

In my personal use, I am active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest and LinkedIn. I really enjoy sharing my life through photos on these social media platforms and I enjoy keeping up with people that I'm not around much. Twitter is the platform that I  post on the least, mostly because I can never fit what I want to say in 140 characters, and I don't have witty comments that pop into my head that I want to tweet. However, I do follow many people on Twitter and am active in that matter. I can remember many instances where I heard breaking news over a tweet. I love to pin on Pinterest for my own personal use, and I'm excited to learn how to use it for business.