Sunday, March 9, 2014

5 Items You MUST Bring to College With You - Day 27 of 30

1. A broom and/or vaccum.

I know cleanliness supplies is at the bottom of everyone's list for their dorm shopping spree, but when you live in one room, the things you track in with you from walking back from class, all that stuff ends up on the floor, then onto your bare feet and then into your bed. (I even bought a Swiffer too)

2. A good sturdy backpack.

We aren't talking over the shoulder big purses any more ladies, this is college now! For my birthday last summer, I asked for a Northface backpack, its expensive but very durable. It also has a "rape whistle" attached to it!

3.  An Ethernet cord.

For all the clueless tech people out there like me, this is a cord that plugs into the wall and then plugs into your computer. It streams the local internet access instead of the wireless internet connection. There are so many times when the wi fi is down or is just being SUPER slow, and I plug my Ethernet cord in and it is faster than a bullet!

4.  A printer!

This was one of the most debated purchases that I made when buying things for college this past summer. It's an investment but definitely saves you time during the day. Sometimes going to the library is a long walk!

5. A microwave & fridge

My roommate brought the microwave and I pretty much use it everyday. Whether it's making popcorn, or warming up leftovers it's very useful! I also have a mini fridge that I keep my fresh fruits, veggies and juices in. I came to realize I wasn't offered as much fruits and veggies than I was used to being offered. Having a fridge fixes that.

Talk to you tomorrow!

Come back tomorrow for 5 things you should NOT bring to college!!!

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