Monday, March 10, 2014

5 Things You SHOULD NOT Bring to College! - Day 28 of 30

1.       You DON’T need to bring ALL of your clothes. Trust me. I have a lot of clothes and I wanted to bring them all. I organized my packing, by packing for seasons:
Move in day:
 - Bring SOME summer clothes (you’ll have a couple weeks before it turns to fall)
- Bring fall clothes (Jeans, long sleeves)
- Bring light jackets
Fall break: 
-Take home all summer clothes
-Bring all your chunky sweaters, puffy coats and your beloved UGGS to take back to college
  Winter break: 
-Take home any clothes that you haven’t been wearing & that are just sitting in your closet
Spring break:
- Depending on how the weather is playing out and when your spring break is, ideally you should take home all your winter stuff (especially your snow pants and boots)
                           -Bring all your summer stuff back
2. Your whole book collection. I felt obligated to bring some of my favorite books just in case I got bored and needed something to do. Ha, when am I ever bored? Anyways. Now they’re just sitting underneath my bed taking up space.
3.  Your entire shoe collection. I brought all my shoes, ya know just in case! Leave some shoes at home and bring some with you to college. When you go home, you can switch them out.
4. Candles. Yes I know how good Bath and Body Works Candles smell. They’re my fave too. But most dorms have a no candle rule. Bummer.
5. Your high school mementos.  It’s college now, no more letterman jackets from high school, I’m sure they’re warm, but you can save wearing it in your own town.