Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Drinking & Partying Happens at Christian Colleges - Day 29 of 30

It haven't even been through a full school year at college, and I feel like my world has grown bigger times infinity. I've talked in previous blog posts about how I have grown spiritually and mentally, but my eyes have been opened to many different situations and facts about the world that I live in.

I thought that I knew everything that there was to know about life coming in to college, no way was I going to be that "innocent" freshman that everyone refers to.

Wrong. Would ya look at that Marisa you DON'T know everything. (typical teenager thoughts right?)

I thought I would share one of the things that I felt completely blindsided by coming to college.

Drinking and partying still happens at Christian colleges.

I don't think I realized how much of the population drinks and parties. Back at home, I was never exposed to that kind of life, and I never had close friends or family that drank for recreation. I heard of parties and I heard of people getting drunk during my high school years, but it never affected me, so I never really paid that much attention.

I remember the dean of students explaining that he was aware that there is partying.
 "If you want to party, you can find a party, if you want to get drunk you can find somewhere to do that. This is real life and you have the choice of how you spend it." It's funny how I can still remember that now.  
 I guess you could say that I was na├»ve about partying, but I am so grateful that I have friends who I could discuss this with, and share our views on it.  At my school we have a dry campus policy, which means that for as long as we are a student, we cannot consume, buy, or be associated with alcohol. Even if you turn 21 while you are a student, you cannot consume alcohol.

I really like that he treats us as adults and doesn't deny that there are a portion of students who party. And don't get me wrong, I would say that the majority of students at my school DON'T drink. But for the portion that do, it really threw me off.

I haven't been to a party, but hearing about them and knowing people personally that have been affected by drinking, has made an impact on my life. It made me more aware and knowledgeable about that kind of life, so that I can talk to others and help them. As well as making me more aware, it also helped me to be less judgmental, and I'm still working on that.

Talk to you tomorrow!!!!

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