Thursday, June 20, 2013

I almost cried!!!

  When you wake up at 3:30am it sure seems like a loooooong day....but nevertheless an amazing time. 
This morning we flew to Nha Trang and barely made our flight. It took a really long time to check our whole group's bags in and we had to speed walk to our gate. But we made it! 
  Then we had the opportunity to visit an Aid for Kids Educational center. They have kids there for the day to teach them the English language, and cooking and working skills. It's a school for them. 
  When we pulled up to the center they were all there welcoming us in the front, waving Vietnamese flags and singing a song! It was the cutest thing I have ever seen. 
  Once we were there a woman from our group, Jennifer, gave out scholarships to some of the students there awarding them for their devotion to learning. 
  Then we had refreshments with the kids containing of lychee and candy! My friend Patrick and I tried talking with the kids as much as we could. It was hard because of the language barrier but we asked them simple questions like "name?, age?" and they responded with the English they were working on. 
  We got to interact with so many of the children , ranging from ages 8-17 years old. They were all so lovable and loved to smile with you and try to talk to you. There were so many children that captured my heart! 
  The kids all asked us to play games with them and we couldn't resist. Even though it was in the upper 80's with what feels like 100% humidity, we had as much fun as the kids were having. 
Watching them so excited and happy about the games warmed my heart so much, I didn't even care that I was a sweaty mess. 
  When it was time to leave, we didn't want to say goodbye :( one little girl in particular came up to me and poked me and gave me a bracelet with a heart on it.
On top of not wanting to leave these sweet kids that we grew attached to in only a couple hrs, when we were leaving they sang us a goodbye song in English saying they would see us soon. I almost lost it ....what a precious time we had. 
After sweating all day, us kids took a nice relaxing swim! 
The hotel were staying at is the nicest hotel we've stated at yet. It has an actual shower and comfy beds! Except it does smell a little like seaweed...but I'm not complaining. 
  For dinner we went to a Vietnamese BBQ where you grilled your own food. 
^mom was in the middle of chewing. Opps. 
  After that we kids went to an adventure downtown Nah Trang riding a rollercoaster 3D ride and exploring a market. 
To get back to our hotel from the market, four of us had to get in a rickshaw type if transportation where a bike was peddling in the back. I wish I had pics but we were so squished I could barely move! It was a sight that's for sure. 
  Tomorrow we are going scuba diving!! 
Blessings =) and please say a quick prayer for the children I met at the education center today.