Friday, June 21, 2013

Salty snorkeling

I smell like the sea!!! This morning we took a boat to Mun Island and we got to snorkel in a bay! I'm not sure what the bay was called. 
When we got in it was so warm... I'm used to cold Lake Erie water haha. Not to mention it was also veryyyyy salty. Bethany was like "I feel like I'm eating pretzels!!". Once we had a snorkeling stuff on we all went out and tried it! I've never snorkeled before so I had to get used to breathing through my mouth underwater.
A lot of the other kids quit after 10 min because it was tiring having to keep treading water and it was so salty but me and a few others stayed out for a half hr. it was sooo amazing!!! Definitely sonething I'll remember forever. I saw lots of coral and fish! The kind of fish you see in an aquarium. So pretty. 
  The boat was very bumpy on the way to the next island after snorkeling and mom got seasick :( Her motion sickness medicine she took before couldn't handle the bumpy waves and accidental sips of sea water while snorkeling. 
  Once we got to Mot Island, we had lunch and had freetime on the beach. Everyone was so drained from the long boat ride and snorkeling that all we wanted to do was lounge. So we waded in the bay and laid out. 
When we came back to the hotel we had freetime so we went to the spa! Here in Vietnam mani-pedis are only 120,000 dong. In US dollars that's SIX DOLLARS!!! And it was better if not than any better than any other mani pedi I have ever gotten in the states. Then I decided I wanted a leg massage (why not?) which was ony 100,000 dong which is 5 dollars. So altogether I got a mani pedi and a leg massage for 11 dollars. 
Because the beach was so close we decided to go walk in the sand. 
Tomorrow we're flying out to Danang! 
Here's a picture if a cyclo ride that we took back to our hotel tonight.