Thursday, June 27, 2013

Sleeping outside in Ha Long Bay!!

This is my blog for Wed and today (Thursday)!
  Wednesday we left for five hour bus ride to Ha Long Bay to stay aboard a boat for two days and one night!!

 Ha Long Bay is a big tourist destination because of the amazing scenery.
There's over 2,000 islands in the bay and many cruise boats stay overnight there. And that's exactly what we did!

  It was sooo fun!! We had our goodbye ceremony yesterday night at dinner and we watched the video that was recorded on our first day here at Rachel's Bridge. 
  After dinner all the kids played cards and then we played a scary mafia-find out who the killer is game in the dark on the boat. 
  We all planned to sleep outside on the roof that night because it was going I be fun and plus the rooms were pretty small. We gave up air conditioning and a comfy bed but it was definitely memorable :) the  parents thought it was so amusing to find us in the morning sleeping on the wooden ground and wooden beach chairs. 
  We all took our pillows and blankets off our beds and brought them outside but it only provided some comfort. When we woke up we all were very achy hehe. 
There were about seven of us who slept outside...

In Vietnam when the sun goes down, it doesn't get cold so it was also very sticky and humid and hot as usual. 
  This morning we took a paddle boat into one of the caves and also hiked up to a cave with a bunch of stalagmite and tite configurations. 
After we packed up to leave the boat we headed back for the five hour bus ride to Hanoi. Tomorrow we have a free day and it's our last day! :( 
Talk to you tomorrow!