Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Seaweed Pringles!?

It's only day two of our trip but it feels like it's been a whole week! Today has been mostly traveling back to Saigon but along the way this morning we stopped to visit a Vietnamese style pagoda. It was very interesting...
Then we stopped for lunch by the Mekong river and it was very American styled because it's a big tourist stop.  It was by far the best food we've had so far even though it was veryyy different.

We were first presented with our drinks, which were huge green coconuts!
 It was very light and kinda milky. I didn't drink much. Then we were brought a huge fried fish! It freaked us all out a little but then a waitress came and helped us break it off to put into a spring roll. 
  My favorite food here and in China is lychee fruit. You have to break the shell off and inside is a sweet, juicy fruit! It's so good and they bring them a lot as the last course if a meal at a restaurant. I could eat them all!

  One if the things that we really have to watch here is to beware of pic pocketers. Everywhere we go we have to be sure to keep our bags close to us and we were also told to not keep our cameras out for long periods of time around our wrist or wear any necklaces. People will literally just run up and yank your camera or necklace off you and run. Scary stuff. 
  Another thing that we have to make sure we don't consume any water. The water here has different bacterial in it that we aren't used to, so we have to make sure we aren't served ice with our drinks and also that we don't eat anything that has an outer skin that might have been washed. 
  After lunch we visited the restaurants gift store and look what we found...
  So it was just a laid back day traveling 5 hours to Saigon in our bus. To pass the time by we were all making friendship bracelets for each other with string.  
  For dinner we had to get it ourselves, so all the kids went together and all the parents went together. There were eight of us kids and let me tell you...we definitely felt like tourists. 
  Hahah it was such a fun time though..we walked from our hotel to a Pizza Hut. We were craving some American food so once we saw that, we made a beeline through the crazy streets filled with motorcyclists that didn't even stop for us. 

  We didn't think that ordering pizza would be that hard but everything is so much harder when you can't speak the native language. 
  Before we left our parents to go venture off, they were giving us talks like we were all going on our first dates. "Make sure you always have a buddy with you" "Do you have enough money?" "Make sure you keep your bags close to your body." 
  So when we got to the restaraunt, I guess I was still paranoid. There was a man walking by one of the girls from our group and her back was turned away from him and out of the corner of my eye I saw him walk back and quickly snatch something off her chair. 
  My instincts of course jumped in and I yelled "HEY!HEY!" 
  It was then that I realized that as he was passing his hat got caught on her chair and he was only going back to untangle it. 
Well we all couldn't stop laughing. I was so embarrassed and I felt so bad! I wish I said sorry or something but in that moment I just hid behind Bethany and was laughing so hard. Man. Such tourists. 

  It's nighttime here now but it's the beginning of the day for you all!! Goodnight and goodmorning! 
Blessings !!!