Monday, June 24, 2013


Can I just stay here forever!? This city is so's been a week since we have been here and it just keeps getting better! 
  Today we took a boat tour on the Hoi An river and we saw how fisherman use really big nets to catch the fish. 

The kids got to go and fetch the fish that were caught in the net. 
After that we went into these circular basket boats that a local person was in. Once we were in the basket boats, we paddled into the part of a river with a bunch of water coconut palms. Then the local gave us these little fishing poles with bait on the end, to catch crabs! It was a lot harder than I thought, because you had to first find the crab then you had to wait until the crab was fully latched onto the bait and then you could try to pull it in. Mom and I caught three and the local helped us catch one of ours by actually using her bare hands. 
This was the boat we were on...
After lunch, we went to an orphanage to visit. One of the vice directors actually remembered one of the kids in our group, when he was there waiting to be adopted. 
Most of the kids that we saw there were handicapped. They were so lovable and like most of the kids we've visited in orphanages, they just wanted to be held and loved. 
This little girl clung to mom and never wanted to be let go. Her eyes were so sad....
After visiting the orphanage we went into town to go to a silk making shop. We saw the process from the baby silk worms to the silk shirts and dresses the wore. I bought a 100% pashmina scarf!!! And yes for all my friends reading this yes  pashmina =)yolo .  
  So the pictures end here because I left my backpack in the bus and I didn't know that we wouldn't be seeing the bus till the next morning. Aaaaaand that's why I couldn't post yesterday night/morning. 
  After dinner we did more sightseeing in Hoi An at nighttime and mom,Bethany and I bought some lanterns to take home!