Friday, June 28, 2013


Hi guys, Bethany here again(:
Sorry, its been a few days, we were on a boat and I couldn't get a chance to write !! No worries! So where did I leave off, I know.
  So it's after I literally just met her we were all gathered around a table just kind of chit chatting, and if there's one word to describe the first couple hours, it was frustrating. Even though we had a translator I wanted to know every single word that was coming out of my moms and my brothers and my uncles mouths !!!
  We all decided to go to a nearby market to go shopping for clothes for my mom and brother.  Let me tell you and my brother have very similar taste and are very picky!!! He was picking out some jeans and he said I should pick out his  shirt so I picked out one I thought would  be pretty good and he didn't like it at all instead he got a really nice polo!!! Haha I guess that's where I get my pickiness from !!
  So I asked my birth mom if she wanted anything and the sweetest words came out of her mouth "you coming here to see me is the best gift I could ever ask for" and it just made my day !! So we got home from our shopping trip and it is around 5ish, and my uncles decided to hit the road because I knew they had a long journey in front of them. 
  The thing is right after my mom gave me up for adoption my mom left to go live in Saigon, and left my brothers and uncles behind in Danang, so every year my uncles and brother and sister would wait for my mom to come up for Tet, the Vietnamese holiday, but she could never afford it, so this was the first time in fourteen plus years they have seen each other, so it really was like one big family reunion.  So my brother went with them and I didn't really get to talk to him so i thought that was the last time I would see him.
  My family decided to let my mom get ready and settled in before dinner. Dinner time arrived and my mom and cousin joined us, and it was odd, they weren't eating! I was curious because being who I am I wanted them to take advantage of everything like the showers and of course the food, so I asked  them why thy weren't eating and they said they were too happy! How heartwarming! So then the neatest thing happened, I learned my cousin could kind of speak and hear English so we wrote notes back and forth it was amazing! And I got her email address and how I could find her on Facebook so that we could stay in touch!
  So we got back to the hotel and another family the Younes's , had found out their son Patrick was able to meet his birth mom in the lobby, so we watched that and of course like me, my mom is a crier and was just sobbing. Maybe that's where I get my super emotional side! Haha. Earlier in the day I got a bunch of pictures together from recent to back when I was a little tot and we developed them and bought a album so that my birth mom could take something home with her, we also got her lotion and soap and some crackers and a tote bag.
  By then it was late at night and time to head up to bed, there was a big day ahead of us. So my family woke up at 7 the next morning to go meet my birth mom at breakfast and I see her walking down the halls and THERE'S MY BROTHER!! I didn't think of ever see him again! So we sat down had some breakfast and before I knew it I had to catch a flight to Hanoi , it was probably the hardest thing I have ever had to do, say good bye to my family.
  They are so special to me and I cried so much, I didn't want them to leave at all, the lay words she said made me love her so much "work hard and you will prosper" pulling out of the driveway was very emotional and I even lost it later that night we were about to go out to dinner and I thought I couldn't do it I cried and cried about how I just wanted to hug my mom one last time, I am so blessed with this experience and I will NEVER forget it.
  I want to come back to Vietnam for sure in the future because this country is so near and dear to my heart, and this trip has pushed me to do things I never would have done before. Thank you guys for all being so supportive, and I love you all!!