Tuesday, February 18, 2014

10 Reasons Why Little Sisters are Awesome- Day 8 of 30

1.    You are never lonely or bored on snow days.
2.   You naturally learn protective and motherly instincts.
3.  You not only have your closet, but her 's too.
4.  You gain social skills and how to get along with difficult people.  
5.  They believe everything you say!
6.  You have your own personal chef.
7.  And your own personal comedian J
8.  You get to watch them grow up.
She learned the selfie..!
9.   You are the ultimate approver of their crush, boyfriend, fiancĂ©, or husband.
10.  You have a built in, everlasting best friend.
This is for you my lil’ sis, Betharoni J
Talk to you tomorrow,
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