Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Why Not Hug A Lion?- Day 9 of 30

In English class a couple of weeks ago, my professor showed us a beautiful video of a Go Pro crew journey that documented South African native, Kevin Richardson’s almost human like relationship with wild lions.


The Go Pro, if you haven’t heard of it, is a brand of small, lightweight cameras used in extreme activities to capture a wide angle view in an unusual place. They’re used often mounted on the outside of cars, planes or boats.

Here is the link to the minute long video clip of the lions welcoming back Richardson…


Isn’t that so cool?!

This video, literally made my heart just burst for joy. The happiness and love between Richardson and the lions are so strong, you can really feel the sense of belonging that they both feel with each other.

It got me thinking. How did Richardson start doing that? How did he build those relationships with the lions, to the point that both sides are filled with joy in what they were doing?

Richardson had to have put a lot of time and dedication into gaining acceptance and trust with these lions. He went to school to be a zoologist, and is now known as the lion whisperer.  

So this is my point. Is everything that we are doing in life right now making us a better, happier person? Are we filling our lives with things that will give us a sense of belonging and giving us a better heart?

Richardson put a lot of time and love into his relationships with the lions, for an outcome that will be with him forever.
We all have our own versions of the goal of "hugging a lion", let's go for it! What's holding us back?
Here's the full version of the GoPro capturing the lion and Richardson:

Talk to you tomorrow!


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