Monday, February 24, 2014

The Danger of My Extraverted Self- Day 14 of 30

Being at college has really opened up my eyes to who I am.  I’ve gotten to know my strengths, and I’ve definitely gotten more familiar with my weaknesses. I think that living on my own now, and being responsible for just myself is a huge part of that growing.

These past couple of weeks, I’ve gone through numerous job interviews all whilst I’ve just been talking about myself, and why I would make a great leader for the position.

Almost every interview I was asked what my greatest weakness was. I found that talking about my greatest weakness actually made me more aware of it…and it kind of surprised me.

In just six months of being at college, I have found out just how extraverted I am. I’ve always loved being around people, and I’ve always loved long, deep conversations, but I’ve never realized how much energy I get from being around people. There’s a lot of times when I come back from a long day of classes, and I don’t even go to my room first to set my stuff down. I head straight to my friend’s rooms to hear about how their day was, and then continue to exchange conversation and of course, laughter. Sometimes those conversations carry on until 5am on a Saturday night and then you forget to set your alarm...and sleep through church the next day. Opps. Sorry mama.

However, aside from learning just how extraverted I can be, I’ve also learned that in college, you do need your “you” time. It can be exhausting constantly being around people and always being on the run to something next. I’ve tried to be a lot more intentional of not always being in people’s rooms or in the hallway and just setting aside time for myself to be alone and to concentrate on what needs to be done that day. Living in a community means that you don’t always need to be in the center of the community! And I am starting to get the hang of it…


Talk to you tomorrow,



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