Thursday, February 20, 2014

How Marching Band Changed My Life- Day 10 of 30

Marching band changed my life.


  I’m going to go back a couple years, more like a little over four years, to three weeks before my first day of high school started.

  I had just exchanged my wire rimmed glasses, for contacts and also had exchanged my wire on my teeth for a pearly white smile! I was super nervous about high school and all of the horror stories that I had heard of freshman being shoved into lockers didn’t help my emotions.

  But band camp changed all of that.

Oh yes, here comes the “What happens at band camp, stays at band camp” line.  J
  Three weeks before school started, we had band camp for two weeks every day. Little did I know, band would soon become a major part of my life.

  During those first two weeks of band camp, pretty much all of my fears of going to high school were erased. I met so many new people (some that would become my best friends) and got acquainted with being in the high school building.

  After band camp each day, I would have lunch with my grandparents and I remember just gushing about how much I was enjoying marching band, and how I was so excited to go back the next day.

I had no idea how much of a proud band geek I was becoming!


  For the rest of my high school year, I built so many relationships in our almost 300 piece band during our weekly rehearsals, and many Friday nights spent together.

I learned:
1.       Teamwork
2.       Time management
3.       Not to take myself so seriously (especially in our band uniforms!)
4.       Pride – for our band’s hard work
5.       To go with the flow and roll with the punches
6.       How to have fun the right way
7.       How to appreciate music
8.       Endurance
9.       Better listening skills
10.   Determination
11.   Dedication
12.   Confidence

  When I didn't feel like I fit in at high school, I just had to step into the band room…and I was at home. Marching band taught me so many things that I could have never learned in a classroom and gave me a family that I would have never had.

  When I graduated last year, everyone kept asking me, “so are you sad to graduate?” In all honesty I was excited to leave high school…EXCEPT for the fact that I had to leave band behind! It still makes me sad when I think about marching band!

Marching band was the epitome of my high school years, and I can’t imagine it any other way.

Talk to you tomorrow!
  -A total band geek

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