Thursday, February 13, 2014

Three Most Asked Questions to a College Student- Day 3 of 30

There are three most asked questions from the time you turn 18 and start college until you graduate at around the age of 22:

1.      How’s school?

2.      What’s your major?

3.      Do you know what you want to do when you graduate?

Am I saying these questions are bad to ask?


Because, the people that ask these really do care about how you are doing and there’s no other way to ask, I get it. I’ll probably end up asking the same questions to students when I become “older”. J

So I thought today I would talk about just the basics of school and what’s going on in my educational life…

How’s school?


School is awesome. College is awesome. I never thought how AWESOME it would be!

I really enjoy the community and fellowship that I am surrounded by 24/7…it’s something that I was really looking forward to, and it turned out to be even better than I imagined. My hall is really close and we are known as the “loud” floor. The other halls are constantly telling us to quiet down…it’s something we own now, but we are trying to limit our loudness J if you want a sneak peek into our fun, here’s a little music video that we had a blast putting together:
Our music video on YouTube!- Click here

I’m taking the max of 18 credit hours this semester, and I also am taking Wind Ensemble for no credit, because I can’t stop playing my clarinet!

As well as being involved with the wind ensemble, I’m part of the dance team too! I love being a part of it J

Oh yes. I almost forgot about the school part of college J which brings me to the next question…

What’s your major?

Currently my official major is…get ready it’s lengthy. A communication arts major with a concentration in journalism.

Since high school, I’ve developed a passion for writing. I like to write and cover news, feature events and people. My favorite part of journalism is talking to people, learning about their life stories and what their part is in whatever I’m writing about.

Blogging is kind of a free spirited outlet for me to not necessarily be so worried about checked facts, the word count, getting good quotes, and writing a good lead.

HOWEVER, since I’ve been taking my pre-requisite classes, I have been pulled into the public relations side of communications. The journalism life and career is slowly fading away. It’s sad to say but it’s happening. Has your local paper decreased their printings per week yet? If not, beware.

The more I learned about the field of public relations, the more I envisioned my future in that field. I love to be around people, I like interacting with others and I think that I could be a good spokesperson and event planner.

Furthermore, I probably will hop on over to a public relations major soon.

Do you know what you want to do when you graduate?

Nope. I have a couple of ideas rolling around in my head. Obviously something in the PR field, but I also feel a really strong calling to travel oversees to possibly Vietnam and work there. Who knows…?

I’m not too worried yet, the longer I’m here and in school, the more I will learn and discover what I’m supposed to be doing.

Talk to you tomorrow!!!