Sunday, February 16, 2014

20 Signs that You Go to a Christian College- Day 6 of 30

1.       Instead of going to parties on Friday nights, you all pile  into someone’s room and gather around a laptop to watch a chick flick.

2.       You’ve visited five or more churches, trying to find your new “home” church.

3.       You know exactly when open house hours are.

4.       You actually have “open house hours”.

5.       You, or someone you know, has kissed dating goodbye…

6.       You know the 45 degree angle door rule.

7.      Parties have a totally different meaning than at public colleges.

8.       You actually know every single person on your hall.

9.       There’s only one main place to eat on campus, and that’s where you do your people watching.

10.   “I’ll pray for you.”

11.   You go to chapel every week.

12.   You know exactly how many chapel credits you have so far.

13.   Seeing people pray in the dining hall before they eat is the norm.

14.   Your professors pray for the class before taking a test.

15.   The average number of people in your classes is around 12-20.

16.   Ring by spring...need I say more?

17.   You have the fear of being “unequally yoked”.

18.   Being in “the Word”.

19.   Being in the middle of “devo time” and someone coming and telling you about the latest boy drama.

20.   Blasting worship songs in the bathroom while taking a shower.

This is the only time of my life that I will ever experience this...
& I love it and own it!!

Talk to you tomorrow,

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