Friday, February 28, 2014

I GOT THE JOB!!!! :D :D- Day 18 of 30

I woke up today with a certain antsy fear in my chest, because today was the day that I was going to hear if I got a student leadership position on campus.

Student leadership is a pretty big deal around here, and after the long application process, including group interviews and individual interviews, any one who applied would find out through campus mail if they got the job. 

I applied for a position on the Campus Activity Board and for a position on the Admissions Crew. This was the first time that I had ever interviewed for a job, and I learned a lot about myself , how I respond to stress and lastly, how much I need God ALL the time.

Before my first interview, I was so worried and stressed, that I couldn't eat the whole day, and I was nauseous. I've been nervous before, especially when I had dance and music performances but I've never been antsy nervous before. Before that interview, I locked myself in my room, sat down at my desk, turned up some worship music, opened the blinds, pulled out my journal and bible...and just started writing.

I looked back at it the other day, and I couldn't even follow all the words I scribbled down. Some were prayers, and some were words or lines that stuck out to me in those songs. By the time it was ready to leave for my interview, I felt so at peace with God. I knew that if I was supposed to get this job, that I would. And that would be that. But I also knew, if there was someone who would be more qualified for the job, then I would want that person to have it.

After all my interviews were completed for both jobs, all I could do was wait and pray. Yesterday my RA prayed over all the girls and I in our hall, who had applied for a student leadership position. Even girls who didn't apply prayed over us as well. It was an amazing feeling.

I am soooo happy to tell you that I was offered a position as a Crew Member in the Office of Admissions for the 2014-2015 school year!!!

I feel so honored and blessed to be chosen to serve alongside other crew members, and the admissions faculty! I will be advising the Admissions Office on creation of admissions materials/events and recruitment tactics. I will also create and manage events, represent the university at college fairs, and develop relationships with prospective families.

Crew Members are the face of AU to prospective students and families. They assist with visit days, hosting students overnight, connecting with students, and giving tours to families.

God has really provided me with peace, and an amazing amount of constant love and support during this time and I just love him so much!

I will talk to you tomorrow!!

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