Sunday, February 23, 2014

Help Sponsor My Dance Team!! -Day 12 & 13

Dance team season is over for this year! And what a great decision it was to try out. Through dance team, I have built so many relationships with girls whom I would have never met otherwise! We really worked all as a team from 9pm-11pm every Tuesday and Thursday night to produce a show, packed with hard work, love and energy. The biggest treat that we got to enjoy was dancing at the Indianapolis Colts football halftime show!!


I am so excited for the rest of the years that I will be a part of the team!

Next year, I am going to take on the leadership position of the official Sponsor Seeker of my dance team! I am so excited! Also, this summer, I am also going to be working on purchasing uniforms for our team. To raise money for our team we are looking for sponsors and donations! We are trying to build our budget right now so that we can get things done in the summer before next dance team season starts!


We are looking for individual and company sponsorships or donations, any amount or deal will mean anything to us! You would be recognized at every performance and on every social media account that we have.

If you are at all interested in sponsoring us, or would like more information about where to send donations, contact me directly at:

Talk to you tomorrow!
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