Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Stereotypes I Get A Lot...- Day 15 of 30

Being Chinese in a Caucasian majority environment, sometimes I forget that I'm the minority! My mom and I were eating out one time, and a family with two small Asian girls and two Caucasian parents walked in. I couldn't stop staring! It was such a precious sight to me, seeing a mixed ethnicity family, just like mine. I thought to myself, "wow...so this is what people see when my sister and I walk in with my mom" 

So when I came to college, nobody knew my story. No one knew that I was adopted, no one knew that I had a Caucasian family back in Ohio. It's not that that's what needs to be known about me, it's just that I assumed everyone just knew. I was wrong! I remember in the beginning of the semester, girls coming in my room, seeing my picture frames of my family and saying "your family is white?!" And then I just start giggling. 

On move in day, last August, they had me scheduled to be apart of the "Multicultural" orientation, because they assumed that I was a foreign exchange student. Nope. Don't know more than three words of Chinese. 

So I complied a short list of things people assume about me, that I find quite amusing: 


  1. I eat rice for every meal. Maybe if I still lived in China, or was part of an Asian family...c'mon people!!! But I do like rice.
  2. I am a genius in math. Actually...no.
  3. My family is Asian. As non-Asian as you can get, half German! (Besides my sister & two cousins)
  4. I speak Chinese. Why yes, I do know three words. Hello. Thank you. Happy Chinese New Year!
  5. That I remember being in China. Nope! Can't decide if I would want to or not...
  6. I know kung- fu or karate. I know ballet kicks...does that count?
  7. I'm a prodigy piano player. I play piano. But am I a prodigy? Far from it...my mom is more like a prodigy. 

Ah, man. I love my life. 

Talk to you tomorrow!

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