Friday, February 28, 2014

I GOT THE JOB!!!! :D :D- Day 18 of 30

I woke up today with a certain antsy fear in my chest, because today was the day that I was going to hear if I got a student leadership position on campus.

Student leadership is a pretty big deal around here, and after the long application process, including group interviews and individual interviews, any one who applied would find out through campus mail if they got the job. 

I applied for a position on the Campus Activity Board and for a position on the Admissions Crew. This was the first time that I had ever interviewed for a job, and I learned a lot about myself , how I respond to stress and lastly, how much I need God ALL the time.

Before my first interview, I was so worried and stressed, that I couldn't eat the whole day, and I was nauseous. I've been nervous before, especially when I had dance and music performances but I've never been antsy nervous before. Before that interview, I locked myself in my room, sat down at my desk, turned up some worship music, opened the blinds, pulled out my journal and bible...and just started writing.

I looked back at it the other day, and I couldn't even follow all the words I scribbled down. Some were prayers, and some were words or lines that stuck out to me in those songs. By the time it was ready to leave for my interview, I felt so at peace with God. I knew that if I was supposed to get this job, that I would. And that would be that. But I also knew, if there was someone who would be more qualified for the job, then I would want that person to have it.

After all my interviews were completed for both jobs, all I could do was wait and pray. Yesterday my RA prayed over all the girls and I in our hall, who had applied for a student leadership position. Even girls who didn't apply prayed over us as well. It was an amazing feeling.

I am soooo happy to tell you that I was offered a position as a Crew Member in the Office of Admissions for the 2014-2015 school year!!!

I feel so honored and blessed to be chosen to serve alongside other crew members, and the admissions faculty! I will be advising the Admissions Office on creation of admissions materials/events and recruitment tactics. I will also create and manage events, represent the university at college fairs, and develop relationships with prospective families.

Crew Members are the face of AU to prospective students and families. They assist with visit days, hosting students overnight, connecting with students, and giving tours to families.

God has really provided me with peace, and an amazing amount of constant love and support during this time and I just love him so much!

I will talk to you tomorrow!!

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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Pornography Contributes to Sex Trafficking. #enditmovement - Day 17 of 30

Today is Shine a Light on Slavery Day.

Human Trafficking is the SECOND LARGEST and FASTEST growing criminal industry in the WORLD, generating a horrific amount of roughly $32 billion per YEAR.

Sex - Trafficking in the most known type of slavery, but the most widely used type of labor is bonded labor, which is when a person becomes a bonded laborer and their labor becomes a mean of payment for a loan.

There are currently 27 MILLION men, women and children that are victims of human trafficking. And you know what the saddest part about that is? It's that that is only the REPORTED number of people in the trade. There could be thousands of people that are in the trade that haven't even been reported.

It's easy for us to hear about that statistic, feel sorry for them and then focus our attention back onto the latest Instagram posts. Why is that?

Right now 300,000 American youths are at risk of becoming victims of commercial sexual exploitation.

That's you, your siblings, your cousins, your nephew/nieces, your children and so on. Why are they at risk?

We hear a lot about sex-trafficking in other countries, but human trafficking reaches EVERY culture and demographic.

So why are 300,000 American youths at risk? According to the National Report on Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking America's Prostituted Children, theses are factors that make youth more vulnerable to entering the trade:
  • Having older boyfriends
  • Sexual, verbal and mental abuse
  • Drug abuse by parents
  • Running away
  • Involvement with Child Protective Services
Do you know at least one person who is a victim of one of those factors above? The worldwide epidemic is closer than we think.

At the sex- trafficking conference that I went to last week, I also learned that engaging in pornography is a major contributor to the continuation of the trade. Many times, men (or women) will watch pornography and go to a prostitute, to basically live out their fantasy.

I used to think that prostitutes should be looked down upon because I had the mind sight that it was their choice, and it was their own fault that they were getting used.

Well, I was wrong. There are prostitutes that engage in that job because they want to, but the majority of them DON'T want to be there. Many times they are sold into that job, they go into it not knowing what they will have to do, or they are kidnapped and forced into that job.

So what can we do?
  • Pray- Pray for the pimps, and johns, that they would see that the pleasure and satisfaction that they get by using humans is only temporary and unfulfilling. Also, continue to pray for those who are in the trade right now, that they would be in a situation where they could get out or that organizations would help them.
  • Spread the word- Stopping the trade starts with creating awareness. Today the End It Movement had awareness spread by having people draw a red X on their hand.

Talk to you tomorrow,

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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

UPDATE On My 30 Days! - Day 16 of 30

Well! I am officially halfway to my 30 day blogging goal. My purpose of blogging for 30 days is to see if my writing and communication skills will increase. I notice that I have been a lot more intentional about making sure that I am writing in a way that readers will understand, and I also am more careful to not make any grammatical errors as I am typing.

I am enjoying blogging a lot more than I thought that I would! It's really cool to share what's going on in my head or my heart, and then seeing my page view rank increase. I hope that you all are enjoying it just as much as I am!

Some unpredicted problems that I never foresaw before starting to blog, were lack of time in my day to blog! Since I have started blogging, all my leisure activities have been pushed aside, just because blogging takes a large chunk of time. I realized in the beginning of the 30 days that I really needed to be intentional about setting aside time to blog, otherwise it wouldn't get done!

One of the many positive effects that blogging as brought so far, is that I have taken steps to become more organized with my time. I started using Google calendar to manage everything going on everyday, and it's so helpful! I block out time to work out and go to the gym at 7:15am, when I need to blog, all my classes, and any meetings or interviews I have going on! I put it on my closet door so I can always see it.

I just thought I would update you all! If you have any ideas on what I should write about in the next 14 days, let me know in the comments below.

So, here's to 14 more days of blogs from yours truly.

Talk to you tomorrow,

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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Stereotypes I Get A Lot...- Day 15 of 30

Being Chinese in a Caucasian majority environment, sometimes I forget that I'm the minority! My mom and I were eating out one time, and a family with two small Asian girls and two Caucasian parents walked in. I couldn't stop staring! It was such a precious sight to me, seeing a mixed ethnicity family, just like mine. I thought to myself, " this is what people see when my sister and I walk in with my mom" 

So when I came to college, nobody knew my story. No one knew that I was adopted, no one knew that I had a Caucasian family back in Ohio. It's not that that's what needs to be known about me, it's just that I assumed everyone just knew. I was wrong! I remember in the beginning of the semester, girls coming in my room, seeing my picture frames of my family and saying "your family is white?!" And then I just start giggling. 

On move in day, last August, they had me scheduled to be apart of the "Multicultural" orientation, because they assumed that I was a foreign exchange student. Nope. Don't know more than three words of Chinese. 

So I complied a short list of things people assume about me, that I find quite amusing: 


  1. I eat rice for every meal. Maybe if I still lived in China, or was part of an Asian family...c'mon people!!! But I do like rice.
  2. I am a genius in math.
  3. My family is Asian. As non-Asian as you can get, half German! (Besides my sister & two cousins)
  4. I speak Chinese. Why yes, I do know three words. Hello. Thank you. Happy Chinese New Year!
  5. That I remember being in China. Nope! Can't decide if I would want to or not...
  6. I know kung- fu or karate. I know ballet kicks...does that count?
  7. I'm a prodigy piano player. I play piano. But am I a prodigy? Far from mom is more like a prodigy. 

Ah, man. I love my life. 

Talk to you tomorrow!

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Monday, February 24, 2014

The Danger of My Extraverted Self- Day 14 of 30

Being at college has really opened up my eyes to who I am.  I’ve gotten to know my strengths, and I’ve definitely gotten more familiar with my weaknesses. I think that living on my own now, and being responsible for just myself is a huge part of that growing.

These past couple of weeks, I’ve gone through numerous job interviews all whilst I’ve just been talking about myself, and why I would make a great leader for the position.

Almost every interview I was asked what my greatest weakness was. I found that talking about my greatest weakness actually made me more aware of it…and it kind of surprised me.

In just six months of being at college, I have found out just how extraverted I am. I’ve always loved being around people, and I’ve always loved long, deep conversations, but I’ve never realized how much energy I get from being around people. There’s a lot of times when I come back from a long day of classes, and I don’t even go to my room first to set my stuff down. I head straight to my friend’s rooms to hear about how their day was, and then continue to exchange conversation and of course, laughter. Sometimes those conversations carry on until 5am on a Saturday night and then you forget to set your alarm...and sleep through church the next day. Opps. Sorry mama.

However, aside from learning just how extraverted I can be, I’ve also learned that in college, you do need your “you” time. It can be exhausting constantly being around people and always being on the run to something next. I’ve tried to be a lot more intentional of not always being in people’s rooms or in the hallway and just setting aside time for myself to be alone and to concentrate on what needs to be done that day. Living in a community means that you don’t always need to be in the center of the community! And I am starting to get the hang of it…


Talk to you tomorrow,



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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Help Sponsor My Dance Team!! -Day 12 & 13

Dance team season is over for this year! And what a great decision it was to try out. Through dance team, I have built so many relationships with girls whom I would have never met otherwise! We really worked all as a team from 9pm-11pm every Tuesday and Thursday night to produce a show, packed with hard work, love and energy. The biggest treat that we got to enjoy was dancing at the Indianapolis Colts football halftime show!!


I am so excited for the rest of the years that I will be a part of the team!

Next year, I am going to take on the leadership position of the official Sponsor Seeker of my dance team! I am so excited! Also, this summer, I am also going to be working on purchasing uniforms for our team. To raise money for our team we are looking for sponsors and donations! We are trying to build our budget right now so that we can get things done in the summer before next dance team season starts!


We are looking for individual and company sponsorships or donations, any amount or deal will mean anything to us! You would be recognized at every performance and on every social media account that we have.

If you are at all interested in sponsoring us, or would like more information about where to send donations, contact me directly at:

Talk to you tomorrow!
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Friday, February 21, 2014

Stop Glorifying the Trade- Day 11 of 30

   Today, I had the ultimate privilege of going to the North American Christians in Social Work (NACSW) Indiana Annual Conference: Let’s Address Human Trafficking. I didn't really know what to expect, but when I left the conference, I felt empowered, and so much more knowledgeable about sex-trafficking.

   I have done research on sex-trafficking in the past, and even wrote an extensive feature on an organization Remember Nhu, that intercepts at-risk children.

   However, I had absolutely NO IDEA how prevalent sex-trafficking is in America. I always just pictured it happening in other countries. And it does, but when I realized that trafficking is happening right in my own backyard…my world was rocked.

   Many times, girls with a bad home life who run away, or who get kicked out, will end up being lured in by a seemingly kind, friendly man who promises to take care of her and a place to stay. Usually these girls, are at such a low point, that any type of care sounds amazing.

   The men then set up the girls into a trap to make them pay for something, sometimes they will take a trip and after they take it he will tell her she needs to pay for it. The girls of course don’t have that kind of money. This is all part of the man’s plan. He then tells her that she needs to pay it back somehow, and tells her that he knows of a way she can make good money. And within that short amount of time, he enters her into the sex-trade, by selling her to men (sometimes 5 or more a night) for sex.

And the scariest thought? This literally happens all around us in America.

   These men who lure girls in, are called “pimps”. When I realized what a “pimp” was, I was horrified. How could I have thought that being “pimp” was cool? I remember using it a lot during middle school, it may not be on the top charts of word usage now. But, where in the world did I ever learn that? These men are turning girl’s lives into a psychological mess, and I've been using their title as a synonym for cool?!

   During the conference we discussed what we could do to be more aware of the sex-trafficking crisis. The biggest one that stuck out to me was not glorifying the sex-trade. My initial thought was, “why in the world would I do that?” The speaker went on to point out that joking around about strip clubs, hoes, prostitutes, rape, sluts, and even pimps is glorifying the trade.

  I scribbled down so many thoughts that I had during the conference that I will blog about in the future. I want to keep writing about everything that I learned, because people need to know. It’s disturbing and it makes me really sad.

Talk to you tomorrow,

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Thursday, February 20, 2014

How Marching Band Changed My Life- Day 10 of 30

Marching band changed my life.


  I’m going to go back a couple years, more like a little over four years, to three weeks before my first day of high school started.

  I had just exchanged my wire rimmed glasses, for contacts and also had exchanged my wire on my teeth for a pearly white smile! I was super nervous about high school and all of the horror stories that I had heard of freshman being shoved into lockers didn’t help my emotions.

  But band camp changed all of that.

Oh yes, here comes the “What happens at band camp, stays at band camp” line.  J
  Three weeks before school started, we had band camp for two weeks every day. Little did I know, band would soon become a major part of my life.

  During those first two weeks of band camp, pretty much all of my fears of going to high school were erased. I met so many new people (some that would become my best friends) and got acquainted with being in the high school building.

  After band camp each day, I would have lunch with my grandparents and I remember just gushing about how much I was enjoying marching band, and how I was so excited to go back the next day.

I had no idea how much of a proud band geek I was becoming!


  For the rest of my high school year, I built so many relationships in our almost 300 piece band during our weekly rehearsals, and many Friday nights spent together.

I learned:
1.       Teamwork
2.       Time management
3.       Not to take myself so seriously (especially in our band uniforms!)
4.       Pride – for our band’s hard work
5.       To go with the flow and roll with the punches
6.       How to have fun the right way
7.       How to appreciate music
8.       Endurance
9.       Better listening skills
10.   Determination
11.   Dedication
12.   Confidence

  When I didn't feel like I fit in at high school, I just had to step into the band room…and I was at home. Marching band taught me so many things that I could have never learned in a classroom and gave me a family that I would have never had.

  When I graduated last year, everyone kept asking me, “so are you sad to graduate?” In all honesty I was excited to leave high school…EXCEPT for the fact that I had to leave band behind! It still makes me sad when I think about marching band!

Marching band was the epitome of my high school years, and I can’t imagine it any other way.

Talk to you tomorrow!
  -A total band geek

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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Why Not Hug A Lion?- Day 9 of 30

In English class a couple of weeks ago, my professor showed us a beautiful video of a Go Pro crew journey that documented South African native, Kevin Richardson’s almost human like relationship with wild lions.


The Go Pro, if you haven’t heard of it, is a brand of small, lightweight cameras used in extreme activities to capture a wide angle view in an unusual place. They’re used often mounted on the outside of cars, planes or boats.

Here is the link to the minute long video clip of the lions welcoming back Richardson…


Isn’t that so cool?!

This video, literally made my heart just burst for joy. The happiness and love between Richardson and the lions are so strong, you can really feel the sense of belonging that they both feel with each other.

It got me thinking. How did Richardson start doing that? How did he build those relationships with the lions, to the point that both sides are filled with joy in what they were doing?

Richardson had to have put a lot of time and dedication into gaining acceptance and trust with these lions. He went to school to be a zoologist, and is now known as the lion whisperer.  

So this is my point. Is everything that we are doing in life right now making us a better, happier person? Are we filling our lives with things that will give us a sense of belonging and giving us a better heart?

Richardson put a lot of time and love into his relationships with the lions, for an outcome that will be with him forever.
We all have our own versions of the goal of "hugging a lion", let's go for it! What's holding us back?
Here's the full version of the GoPro capturing the lion and Richardson:

Talk to you tomorrow!


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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

10 Reasons Why Little Sisters are Awesome- Day 8 of 30

1.    You are never lonely or bored on snow days.
2.   You naturally learn protective and motherly instincts.
3.  You not only have your closet, but her 's too.
4.  You gain social skills and how to get along with difficult people.  
5.  They believe everything you say!
6.  You have your own personal chef.
7.  And your own personal comedian J
8.  You get to watch them grow up.
She learned the selfie..!
9.   You are the ultimate approver of their crush, boyfriend, fiancĂ©, or husband.
10.  You have a built in, everlasting best friend.
This is for you my lil’ sis, Betharoni J
Talk to you tomorrow,
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Monday, February 17, 2014

A Letter to my Birthmother- Day 7 of 30

Dear birth mother,

                Hello from Indiana in America! I pray that you are doing well.

 I wish that I could address you with a proper name, but I’m sure you wouldn’t know how to address me either… other than, your birth daughter.  Is that what you remember me as? Or is that too much of a painful recognition?

I’m sorry, I’m jumping in too fast. I have so many questions…

The reason I am writing you is because I simply want to say one word:

Thank you.

Behind that word, are so many reasons on why I am thankful for you and your actions. No, we will never meet, and we will never know each other as a mother and daughter do. But because of your decision to abandon me, I have been given an incredible life with a wonderful family and immeasurable friends.

I don’t know one thing about you, except that you gave birth to me, and that you knew that you could never give me a life that I deserve.

And that’s all I need to know. Your action in carrying me for 9 months in the womb, and then proceeding to lay me down in a public place, in secrecy to give me a life tells me that you are a selfless, caring woman. I can’t imagine the pain and despair that you had to go through in finding out that you were pregnant with me, but that you couldn’t keep me. That had to be so incredibly hard.

There is not a week that goes by, that I am thankful for you. I think about if I have any other birth siblings in China somewhere, and I think about what you and the rest of my birth family looks like. Do I look more like you, or my birth father?

I wish that you could meet my brilliant mother, sister and grandparents. I love them more than anything in the world, and I know that you would too.

My mom describes me as smiley, silly, stubborn, loyal, loving, slow moving, creative and giggly… does that sound familiar?

I love you, and I pray for you and your family’s safety every day.

You are special, you are loved and you are worthy.




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Sunday, February 16, 2014

20 Signs that You Go to a Christian College- Day 6 of 30

1.       Instead of going to parties on Friday nights, you all pile  into someone’s room and gather around a laptop to watch a chick flick.

2.       You’ve visited five or more churches, trying to find your new “home” church.

3.       You know exactly when open house hours are.

4.       You actually have “open house hours”.

5.       You, or someone you know, has kissed dating goodbye…

6.       You know the 45 degree angle door rule.

7.      Parties have a totally different meaning than at public colleges.

8.       You actually know every single person on your hall.

9.       There’s only one main place to eat on campus, and that’s where you do your people watching.

10.   “I’ll pray for you.”

11.   You go to chapel every week.

12.   You know exactly how many chapel credits you have so far.

13.   Seeing people pray in the dining hall before they eat is the norm.

14.   Your professors pray for the class before taking a test.

15.   The average number of people in your classes is around 12-20.

16.   Ring by spring...need I say more?

17.   You have the fear of being “unequally yoked”.

18.   Being in “the Word”.

19.   Being in the middle of “devo time” and someone coming and telling you about the latest boy drama.

20.   Blasting worship songs in the bathroom while taking a shower.

This is the only time of my life that I will ever experience this...
& I love it and own it!!

Talk to you tomorrow,

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Saturday, February 15, 2014

"Do You Think We Should Call 911??" Story time with Marisa- Day 5 of 30

  Since I've been at college, I have had many crazy, crazy adventures with my girlfriends. Today, is story time! I'll tell you about the first time I almost called 911.

Let me start off by telling you some background information.

I told you earlier that my hall is super close, and that we all get along so well. Within my hall, I have met some of the most Christ loving, joyful women and I am so blessed with their friendship everyday!

 We all love to encourage each other, keep each other accountable in our individual walks with God and we've developed times to set aside and devote that time purely to talk about how our lives are going, what actions we can take to serve the community we're living in, and also talk about how we can be praying for each other.
We call it   teatime!

At my school, the "valley" is the central place of campus. its a valley of towering trees, and winding sidewalks that all lead to the buildings where our classes are. The valley is absolutely beautiful in every season...

   A normal walk to classes in the Fall consists of gazing up at the vibrant orange, red and yellow trees, and watching the squirrels run around hiding their acorns.

And then, you spot a sight similar to this.

Do you recognize what those are? They're hammocks! Specifically the brand "ENO" hammocks.
And college kids at my school bring them into the valley and tie them from tree to tree to either take a nap, attempt to do homework or just relax! It's the coolest idea ever.
So this Fall, when my friend Katie visited her sister, she was telling her sister about how some kids do that.
A couple days later when Katie came back on campus, she had a hammock in hand.
Although, it wasn't an ENO hammock, it was a typical hammock seen at beaches and in backyards and such.
We were all so anxious about trying it out, and we had a successful time setting it up and relaxing in it in the valley.
That next weekend, it was very pleasant outside and my group of five friends decided it would be so fun to go to a local park called Shadyside, a couple minutes away, set up the hammock and have tea time in the park!
We had a really great discussion, everything went as usual, giggles and all!
Until the sun started setting.
We were thinking about leaving because we were ready to head back to the dorm to go eat dinner,
And that's when the wind started stirring up, and we got a little more antsy to head back.
It took a little while for us all to collect our things and strategically get off the hammock, so as not to let one side flip over with people still on it.
By the time we were off the hammock it was pretty much almost dark, and only around 5 o' clock.
The wind started picking up and the leaves were rustling around us and all the warnings that our parents had told us about being alone at dark started filling our conscious.
Two of us were struggling to roll the hammock up and attempting to put in in the carrier that we had brought it in, and the rest of the girls were using their phones as flashlights to help us put away our bibles and journals.
By this time it was completely pitch black.
Yes. Girls take awhile to get ready to go somewhere. Shocker?
We had everything on our backs ready to leave our hammocking spot when we heard a blood curdling cry in the distance that made us all stop in our tracks.
We were in the middle of this park called Shadyside, woods surrounding us and it's pitch black.
The five of us girls all grabbed onto each other and listened closely to see if there was any other noises.
Again, another scream filled the air, this time the call was more distinct.
Our grasps tightened on each other, and although it was pitch black, you could see the fear from everyone's eyes.
"Did you hear that?!"
"Oh my gosh. Is someone hurt?"
"They're calling for help!"

"What should we do?! We can't leave the park while someone is screaming for help!"
"Let's go. If we get to the parking lot we'll be fine and we can call the police."
I'm shaking this whole time and I have 911 pulled up on my phone. We had no idea if someone was actually in trouble, or if this could be a prank from a kidnapper who saw 5 girls go into the park alone.
-Sidenote: When I first moved into school, my peer mentor told me that Shadyside park was kind of sketchy and that her roommate, who was on the cross country team used to go for runs there until there were reports of stabbings at night there.
My mind was in a trance state of just getting out of the woods and into a well- lighted area. We were all walking as fast as we possibly could.
From the parking lot, to where we set up our hammock, it was a good 10-15 minute walk. It may not seem like a long walk, but in the dark it definitely is.
Meanwhile, we keep hearing these cries of help. As we walk closer the cries keep getting louder.
"GUYS. MY PHONE. I don't have my iPhone!"
"Oh my goodness Katie! We can't go back! It's too dangerous."
"I have to! Do you know how much trouble I would be in if I lost that?!"
"We can come back tomorrow Katie! This is a really bad time to be here!"
"Katie! We have to go! You can't go back!"
" I HAVE TO!!!! Madi, and Adrian come with me. Marisa, you and Katie go get the car and we'll meet you in the parking lot!"
I'm on the verge of tears, and I'm shaking so hard my legs are starting to ache.
Katie and I keep speed walking towards the car and the other three start walking the opposite way.
Five steps later and the calls of cry are right across from us.
In the river,
Coming from a group of teenagers, ROCK JUMPING. Just FOOLING AROUND.
If looks could kill, those teenagers would have been gone in a heartbeat.
Katie and I just stopped in our tracks, our blood boiling..."ARE.YOU.SERIOUS."
There was no prank, no body hurt. Just some stupid teenagers, putting us in fear for no reason!!
Our walk back to the car was a little less fear stricken, and a lot more irritated.
Once the three others hopped in the car with Katie and I, we peeled out of that park and NEVER looked back.
After a few seconds of stunned silence after sharing WHO the cries of help were coming from and that there was nothing wrong, we all took a deep breath in and then a deep breath out and got our selves together.
Following our reassurance breaths, I prayed and thanked God for protecting us and keeping us safe! Whew!!
Much chatter continued about that hour of shananagains, and soon there were soft giggles that turned into hysterical laughing as we pictured ourselves frantically walking with 911 pulled up on all of our phones. Speed walking, fear stricken faces, clutching our bibles and a hammock... we must have been quite the sight.
After some time in the car, driving back to campus, Katie discovered that a voicemail was accidently recorded on her phone as we were looking for it.
Can I just say, I have no laughed so hard when listening to a voicemail! About 5 minutes of our frenzied conversation was recorded! The most clear parts were: "Should we call 911?!" "If we get to the parking lot, we'll be ok."
I'm so glad that we were aware of our surroundings and that we have been taught well to be cautious!
& I'm extra glad that nothing bad happened!
So that's the story of the first time I almost called 911.
I hope I could give you some chuckles for tonight.
Talk to you tomorrow,
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Friday, February 14, 2014

DIY Hometown Canvas- Day 4 of 30

Since I've started college, I have become super obsessed with Pinterest. A group of college girls can be perfectly content all sitting together in a circle, all on Pinterest.
A couple of months ago, my hall and I had a crafts day where we all did our own crafts.
I saw a cute idea on Pinterest that I really wanted to try.

 This is an easy craft, that doesn’t involve much expertise in art at all and it will be a nice symbolic touch to your home.
I have also seen some canvases that follow the same instructions as this, but have different ideas, such as creating a birthday themed one, holiday inspired ones, and different takes on the
hometown theme.
Also, if you have lived in more than one place, you can create multiple ones for a series effect.

Since I go to school in Indiana, but I live in Ohio, I created a canvas of Ohio.
And since I was born in China, I also created a canvas of my native country!
I thought I would share how I made my canvases!
Things you will need:
·        Canvas- You can get whatever size you want to use, I got an 8 x 10 canvas for $5.99 at Hobby Lobby.
·         Acrylic Paint
o   Red- for the heart
o   Background color
o   State or country color
·         Paint brushes
·         Pencil
·         Stencils of a small heart and the countries that you will be painting
1.       Decide what state/country you are going to paint on your canvas and print off a picture of it. Make sure that it is the size that will fit on your canvas.
2.       Along with your state/country, print off a small heart that you will paint inside of your country.
3.       Cut out your state/country and place it on your canvas and lightly outline the shape with your pencil onto the canvas. 
4.       Cut out  and place the heart inside the state/country wherever the city you lived is located.
5.       I didn’t paint inside my state/country and I just left it white. But if you want to make your state/country a color, paint inside there first.
6.       If you decide to paint your state/country, be sure that the color that you paint your heart is darker than your state/country color.
7.       Once the state/country paint is dry, lightly outline your heart stencil onto your shape.
8.       Fill your heart in with your desired paint color.
9.       Finally, paint the background of your canvas. I outlined my shape with my background color first so that I would be sure not to accidently get paint inside of my country.
10.   I would suggest giving the background color two coats.
11.   You have your finished hometown canvas! After it dries, (I would give it at least 12 hours) you can secure fastening hooks on the back to hang it up!

So save this little project for a rainy or snowy day, or a craft night with the girls (or guys)!
Talk to you tomorrow,
PS: Happy Valentines Day!!

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1 John 4:7

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